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Grade 1

I generally teach two pieces from each of the RockSchool grades. My plan is eventually have my students play these. In the meantime, here are some proficient randoms from YouTube. Jazz Trip Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

ideal age to start learning guitar

So, this is a question I’m often asked. There is a maxim along the lines of “Give me the child till the age of seven and I will show you the man”, and in my humble opinion the principle can also be applied to learning the guitar. Clearly the rate at which a student develops […]


As a guitarist there were always two places I wanted to visit; LA, which I did when I was arguably too young (I was 20), and Nashville, Tennessee. I’m happy to say at the ripe old age of 40 that I’ve been to Nashville twice, playing on one of those occasions (albeit to about five […]

the A985

I grew up in a sleepy little village called Limekilns, just outside Dunfermline – rock capital of the Western World (or it seemed so in 1986). Up the road, the A985 to be exact was Crossford, which was like the outhouse to the rock capital of the world. Significantly however, it seemed to be the […]

Jim Dunlop / California Dreaming…

During third year at art school it was necessary to be dispatched on a placement, either to another art school like Rhode Island, or to a design related position within industry. I was playing a lot of guitar at the time, traveling back to Dunfermline at weekends to rehearse with a band who were beginning […]

O the king he sits in Dunfermline

town a-drinkin the blood-red wine… and going to Sound Control on a Saturday afternoon if he was anything like the rest of us. I am understandably biased, but it has been my opinion for a long time that Dunfermline has, and continues to produce more than its fair share of serious ass musicians; Nazareth, Big […]

thanks Mum…

I think it was Gary Moore that said ‘if you can’t walk past your instrument without wanting to pick it up, it’s probably not for you’. Even though I teach guitar part time, and probably play around two hours a night, I still find myself itching to play if I notice a guitar at a […]

My name is Don McIntyre and I teach guitar from my studio in Bridge of Allan, Scotland. A few years back, when living in Dunblane, I developed dunblaneguitar.com with a view to teaching guitar as a ‘family friendly’ alternative to playing live. I now have over 23 students of varying ages and abilities, from folk […]

Park Music Dunfermline