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ideal age to start learning guitar

So, this is a question I’m often asked. There is a maxim along the lines of “Give me the child till the age of seven and I will show you the man”, and in my humble opinion the principle can also be applied to learning the guitar. Clearly the rate at which a student develops […]

thanks Mum…

I think it was Gary Moore that said ‘if you can’t walk past your instrument without wanting to pick it up, it’s probably not for you’. Even though I teach guitar part time, and probably play around two hours a night, I still find myself itching to play if I notice a guitar at a […]

My name is Don McIntyre and I teach guitar from my studio in Bridge of Allan, Scotland. A few years back, when living in Dunblane, I developed dunblaneguitar.com with a view to teaching guitar as a ‘family friendly’ alternative to playing live. I now have over 23 students of varying ages and abilities, from folk […]

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