About me

I began the first of five classical guitar grades aged 12, and I’m now 40 – how did that happen? After having played in bands for many years I began teaching partly for fun and partly because I was getting tired of stumbling out of a transit van at 3am on a Tuesday night, having played the same set of songs to an audience of five in Falkirk.

Most of my students are either complete beginners or have been playing a couple of years and ‘stalled’. Some adults are looking to revive an interest in the guitar having leaned a few chords before other stuff got in the way (job and kids usually). Either way, the little studio I have at home is a comfortable environment in which to learn, or to reestablish a relationship with the guitar.

I have risked humiliation by posting the picture below, which if I remember correctly, was taken during a show in 1991. Surprisingly (and regrettably) my bandmates never objected to the ‘gym top and genie pants’ look – it worked well for Eddie Van Halen in California, but perhaps not so good in a cold Dundee.

Park Music Dunfermline